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Debt Solutions

Debt Relief Solutions

Debt Solutions for Australians experiencing financial hardships or with bad credit

Are you suffering from unmanageable debt? When repayments and charges becomes too much to afford, debt can become a dangerous cycle that can cause financial and emotional strain. Debt Negotiators provide debt relief solutions that can get you back on your feet, back on top of your repayments and reaching your Financial goals in no time!

debt relief solutions

We understand that all situations are different. That’s why we provide debt solutions that are tailored to your specific circumstances. We are committed to providing affordable and realistic Debt Solutions by offering a judgement-free confidential consultation with one of our highly trained Debt Management Specialists.

By taking into account the reasons for your financial stress, and creating a personal budget, we are able to formulate the most practical solution for your unique situation.

Our debt solutions include:

  • Debt Agreements – We can facilitate formal and informal Debt Agreements between you and your unsecured creditors as an alternative to bankruptcy. Debt Agreements may result in frozen interest rates and may prevent legal action. Debt Agreements can assist you in obtaining financial freedom and reaching your future financial goals.
  • Consolidation Loans – Consolidation loans can help you to manage your debt by reducing multiple loans to a single loan with affordable repayments. Debt Negotiators can source lenders for low-interest consolidation loans, helping you to avoid missed payment charges and take control of your finances.
  • Bankruptcy – Debt Negotiators consider bankruptcy as a last resort, and will only recommend this avenue once all other options have been exhausted. If possible, we will help you to settle your debts with a Debt Agreements or consolidation loans. If no other options are available, we can help you to file for bankruptcy.
  • Credit File/Rating Investigations – Bad credit makes it difficult to apply for loans, and can increase the interest rate that lenders offer. Our credit file investigation services allow you to gain a thorough understanding of your current credit rating, and develop a plan of action to improve and restore it by assisting with potential removal of unjust default listings.
  • Personal Loans Debt Consolidation – If you have taken out personal loans, and found yourself in trouble with debt for any reason, Debt Negotiators can help. We can source a streamlined consolidation loan to reduce multiple personal loans into a single affordable repayment.
  • Consolidate Credit Card Debt – Credit cards are one of the main ways in which people in Australia find themselves in debt. We can help you to reduce your credit card debt with a tailored consolidation loan that offers a single affordable monthly repayment.
  • Mortgage Refinance Loans – If you are dealing with debts from multiple lenders, Debt Negotiators can help you to consolidate with a mortgage refinance loan, offering low interest rates and affordable repayments. We can also help you to switch to a fixed price loan to release equity from your mortgage, or extend your mortgage to reduce monthly outgoings.

Your Financial Freedom begins with the impartial consultation that we offer. Debt Negotiators will equip you with the knowledge you need to fully understand your situation. We can then provide a highly tailored Debt Relief Solutions by working with your creditors to come to an agreement that is practical and affordable. For more information about any of services, including Debt Consolidation Loans, Debt Management, Mortgage Refinancing, Debt Agreements, Credit Repair and Bankruptcy options, call today or contact us online.