Steps to Assist with the Interest Rate Rises
November 25th, 2010

As the whole of Australia sat down to watch the race that stops a nation a momentous change was put into place by the RBA, the announcement that they would be raising the rate by 0.25% was the first raise since the Global financial crisis hit. This raise may seem minor but will have a lasting effect on families Australia wide. No matter if you are renting or paying a mortgage you will feel the first rise in rates.

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Hard Times
May 25th, 2010

A recent survey has showed that 1 in 3 Australian families are “struggling to make ends meet”, recent research suggests.

Despite our good wages and benefits, the soaring cost of living in most urban and rural areas of Australia is costing us consumers dearly, and the only combat we have is Credit! Many of us also appear to live within our “current means” as opposed to living “below our current means” and saving for a rainy day.

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