10 Reasons Why People Avoid Seeking Financial Help

10 Reasons Why People Avoid Seeking Financial Help

In cases of financial hardships or troubles with debt, financial advice from loved one or professionals might be all you need, be it in the form of advice, financial management and budgeting, or a debt solution strategy.

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Despite what is available, many people avoid seeking financial help.There can be many different reasons for this:

Not Knowing Where To Begin

Finances can get on top of people, and create more than a little confusion. Whether through lethargy, or through chaos caused by spiraling debt, some people don’t seek financial help because they do not know where to begin with it all, or are so bogged down that they don’t feel they can get round to it.

Overwhelmed By Amount Owed

Debt can sneak up, or bad habits can accumulate faster than expected, and the result is a larger amount of money owed than expected, and some hefty repayments to make.

Avoiding The Issue

Perhaps overwhelmed by the amount owed, or still spending away, some people spend too long avoiding the issue of their debt, and fail to seek financial help because that would mean confronting it.


Nobody wants to be in a bad financial situation, but it happens to more people than you would imagine. Pride is a common factor that stands in the way of getting help in any situation, and the same is true for finances. It can be difficult to admit the situation you are in, both to yourself and to those that you are seeking help from.

Bad Behaviors

In some cases debt accumulates due to some sort of bad behavior on the part of the borrower. This could take the form of overspending, an addiction of some sort, or some other habit that you might rather not admit. If your financial problems are causes by such behaviors then it is much better that you seek help.

Don’t Realize It’s A Problem

Debt is not a problem if it is kept under control, and if lending occurs for calculated reasons rather than unscrupulous spending. Many people who get into trouble do not realize that their spending is a problem for a long time, making the debt harder to rectify when a solution is eventually sought.

Believe They Can Tackle It On Their Own

It is highly recommended that you make changes to your pending habits and get a tighter grasp of your budget, whether or not you seek financial help, but if your finances are clearly out of control then it is time to look elsewhere for a solution. You can’t always tackle it alone.

Horror Stories

People may avoid professional financial help due to the horror stories that they have heard about scams and nightmare companies, hidden charges, and all manner of loan scandal. It is very important that your research and work with reputable companies, but a few horror stories should not put anyone off seeking financial help in situations where they need it.

Don’t Believe Financial Help Will Benefit Them

Whether it is due to the horror stories, or just a belief that there is nothing that can be done about your debt, some people believe that there is little benefit to be gained seeking help. This is simply not true. Financial help can include impartial advice, planning, management, debt solutions of every kind, and overall a whole lot of legal and financial knowledge that can help you to regain control.

Don’t Know Where To Seek Advice

Some people want to find financial advice, but don’t know where to look. You can find help and advice from your country’s government, and from companies such as Free From Debt, who offer free advice and debt consultations.


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