7 Best Bargain and Discount Websites in Australia

There are two things that Australians love. One is living life to the fullest, creating memories through experiences and having the best of things. However, these all cost money, and unfortunately, we don’t all have an endless supply. So, how do we enjoy all the great things in life when money is tight? Discount websites, which brings us to the second thing we love – finding bargains!

What are Discount Websites?

Discount websites are places where you can find all the best deals on all the things you love. Back in the day, we might have been cutting coupons from magazines and newspapers to access special deals. Now, there’s no need for that because they’re all online.

They come in plenty of different guises, but all of them offer great rewards for the savvy shopper. Sites like Groupon offer discounts and deals across all areas. Similarly, sites like Skyscanner have deals just on flights, accommodation and car hire.

Whatever you’re looking to buy, from a night out for dinner to an overseas holiday, it’s always worth checking out the best bargain websites. So, to help you out, here’s a list of some of the best discount websites Australia has to offer.


1.    Groupon

Possibly the most well-known of all discount websites, Groupon really has something for everyone. One of the reasons it’s so popular is the vastness of offers they have available at any given time. You can practically find deals for everything on Groupon, from pet supplies, electronics and goods for the home all the way through to travel deals and gift ideas.

One of the best things about Groupon though is its local deal service. You simply enter your postcode, and you’ll be given a whole range of discounts and deals in your area. This makes it great for everyday use, but also when travelling to unfamiliar places.

You can use Groupon discounts instore or online, meaning you can order some of these great deals without even leaving your couch! Naturally, it’s not just a website, but an app also, which makes it great for remembering your location and details. Just log in and start browsing everything from automotive repair to Bluetooth speakers. Your savings are just a couple of clicks away!


2.    Cashrewards

Cashrewards is a little different to your normal coupon site, but it’s amazing all Australians aren’t using it already. Essentially, this website offers cash back on purchases you make from designated stores. Plenty of these are stores you would already be shopping at regularly such as supermarkets, department stores and popular restaurants.

The website offers hundreds of different cash-back deals every day. Some are for particular items; others are simply a percentage cashback for any purchases from a specific store. Imagine accessing a 5% cashback at Woolworths for your fortnightly shop? That’s the kind of thing you can get with Cashrewards.

The best thing is, the cash-back payments can gradually add up so after a few months of accessing these great deals, you could have a nice little amount saved up to treat yourself!


3.    Cudo

Cudo is a rapidly growing discount website that offers a huge array of deals on many different products. One of the highlights are their deals on restaurants and other dining experiences, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Cudo offers deals across all product ranges such as fashion, electronics, outdoor furniture,  groceries and beauty products. You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to travel deals like accommodation and even cruises. You can even access great deals on local services such as car care, pest control and cleaning services.

Keep an eye out for Today’s Deals in the shopping section, where you can grab some seriously good deals if you’re quick. This is where you can really save significant cash on your purchases.


4.    Catch

Catch was one of the first and most popular deal websites in Australia, but you may remember it as its former name – Catch of the Day. Catch was really at the forefront of online shopping, and offered incredible savings on a range of items. Of particular interest, of course, was their ‘catch of the day’, which was usually one particular heavily discounted product.

Well, fast forward to now and Catch is still kicking goals in the discount website market. No longer is it one item a day, but several remarkable deals on a daily basis. Catch’s main focus is retail products – think linen, homewares and electronics, but to single out any type of special would be doing them a disservice. This website has absolutely everything you could think of from grocery items to furniture. If you want savings, you can do a whole lot worse than keeping an eye on Catch!


5.    RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a global coupon and discount site that helps you find the best instore prices every time. We Aussies love shopping for a bargain, but how frustrating is it to browse a store, find the perfect item and realise it isn’t on sale? We love a good sale, and RetailMeNot might just be the tool to help you never pay full retail again!

RetailMeNot comes in app form, making it perfect for those days spent browsing a few different shops. All you need to do is search the name of any shop you’re in, and see what bargains are on offer. It’s that easy! You might find specific product discounts, percentages off your purchase or even 2-for-1 deals. From clothing stores to supermarkets and fast food, there’s plenty of discounts to be found. Just show your discount at the counter, and you’ve snagged yourself a bargain!


6.    Skyscanner

Skyscanner is easily one of the best travel deal websites in Australia. We all love jetting off for a holiday every now and again, however, it’s never a cheap exercise. Still, Australians are some of the most enthusiastic travellers, because we love exploring all the world has to offer. To make holidays a little easier on our bank accounts though, Skyscanner is there to help.

Firstly, you can search for the cheapest flights from your destination to anywhere in the world. Not to mention, of course, between other destinations if you’re doing some serious globetrotting. The flights are obviously only one part of your travel expenses though, so Skyscanner helps with hotels too. You can even find great deals on car hire, meaning you can cut all of the biggest costs associated with a holiday.

When you’ve found all the best travel deals on Skyscanner, all you need to worry about is your spending money!


7.    OzBargain

OzBargain is a different take on the rest of the sites we’ve covered in this article. Rather than offering direct deals, this is more of a community-driven website. Basically, users are able to post all of the great specials, giveaways and discount codes they come across while shopping.

There’s a huge range of things to browse through on OzBargain, from retail items, dining experiences and even online discount codes. One unique aspect though is the ability for people to post competitions. So, if you like throwing your hat into the ring for a prize, there’s plenty to keep you busy!

Why not join the OzBargain community today? You could find yourself some great deals and even share your findings with everyone else!


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