Case Study

Debt Trap

It all started on a short trip to my post box, as I opened the letter, I wonder if it was a treasure, the letter said $10000 was approved before I applied for it. As I filled the application form waiting for my treasure to arrive, it did not take long before I saw a plastic or as they say a credit card arriving in my post box in the matter of days.

Case study on debt problems in the society - Row of letterboxes

That sparkling credit card cured my worries and down I was on the shopping streets of Sydney. There was not any item that I could not buy and this made me very happy and filled with joy.

Now I sit on the chair with a cup of tea, stare at that $100 bill and a painting that I bought using the credit card thinking that was it really worth it. The overdraft facility on my debit card always pushed me extra mile to choose the $4.99 instead of the $2.99. Today life stands still. The clock keeps ticking and my phone never stops ringing.

I can’t bear the pain; the voice on the other side has stolen my sleep & the warm blanket from my bare body! The question comes to my mind of how to survive and who will help.

We at Debt Negotiators come across these stories every day, these stories is what keeps us going and drives us, please talk to us and let us know if your debts are getting out of control, call 1300 351 008 and speak to our friendly advisors who can help and guide you to a better future.


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