Debt Help for Low-Income Families

Sometimes, it seems that life is one hurdle after another, and expected issues with employment, relationship breakdowns and health concerns can affect your ability to buy food, pay your bills and service your debts.

If you’re struggling to keep up with never-ending bills, credit card payments and home loan repayments, there are a variety of financial programs available to help you make ends meet and get your debt under control.

Financial difficulties can arise for many reasons and all situations are different. The federal government, state governments, local agencies and community action agencies all have financial support programs to offer debt relief grants to eligible applicants. There is also a range of solutions that can be discussed with a financial advisor or debt help expert.

It’s important to get the right information and help to suit your specific circumstances. Many low-income families in Australia qualify for financial benefits designed to help them make ends meet. Which options are available to you depends on a number of factors including income level and family size.

Debt help for low income families - Parents with child

Debt Help Available


Centrelink is the larges source of financial support for low-income families. They can help alleviate some of the financial strain associated with unemployment and raising children. For example, unemployed job seekers may qualify for the Newstart Allowance.

Other family-oriented financial benefits include the Family Tax Benefit, Parenting Payment, Rent Assistance, Telephone Allowance, Child Care Benefit and Rebate, Youth Allowance, Carer Payment, Low-Income Family Supplement, and the Single Income Daily Supplement. Visit the Department of Human Services website.

State Assistance

Low-income families may also be eligible for financial benefits through their state government. These are separate from Centrelink. To determine what is available in your state or territory, you’ll need to contact your local state office.

Charities and Non-Profits

These organisations may be able to provide needed funds without the requirement for repayment.

Each organisation offers different type of help, but aim to relieve household stresses such as food insecurity, bill paying, housing troubles and medical crises. They may also be able to refer to you other local programs that can provide other financial assistance.

Steps to Debt Relief

Contact your credit providers

Many companies have hardship officers who can assess your situation and work out an affordable payment plan. Taking action straight away can prevent a small problem from becoming bigger.

Take personal action

You can also take personal steps to get out of debt. Selling possessions and creating an affordable budget can prevent further debt from being accrued.

Get professional help

Debt solution companies such as Debt Negotiators can provide a range of debt relief solutions that are tailored to your specific circumstances. Debt solutions include:



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