Informal Arrangement with Creditors

Having Financial Hardship?

There is a time where a person has a short term financial crisis then a long term one, where it is only a matter of time you know things are going to be normal and on track, during that phase it is important that we keep our finances intact and do not let the situation slip away.

An important way to be out of trouble and hefty interest payments or arrears, defaults or creditors calls is to have an informal arrangement with the creditors.

During that time, it is important to apply for an informal arrangement with creditors either by calling them or arranging a visit to the required financial institution, one way of engaging the financial institution is to share your story and do a budget for them, tell them your situation and how you think it is temporary, it is most likely that they will send you a financial hardship form to submit before they can evaluate your circumstance and give you a formal response.

Informal arrangement with creditors - Casual meeting with two men

If situation is complicated but short term, it is better that you engage professional help when it comes to negotiating or applying financial hardship by engaging a professional to guide you and arrange a resolution by acting on your behalf. Debt Negotiators can not only assist you but can guide you through the journey without you actually going through the stress of it. We at Debt Negotiators can prepare a flowchart guiding you through stages of informal arrangement, which includes preparing paperwork in relation to Informal arrangement, liaison with creditors, outcome status etc.

Speak to Debt Negotiators at 1300 351 008 and one of your friendly advisor will be there to help you go through the best options that are available to you. Deal with your debts today as tomorrow might be too late.


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