Negative or a bad rating?

Having a bad credit rating is not as bad as someone can imagine, if you are struggling to find a loan or cannot get affordable means of credit or at some worst cases cannot even get a mobile phone plan, it is time that you should check your ratings.

A credit rating involves multiple variables which starts from Date of birth, age, location etc and off course enquiries, defaults and judgment calculated to a number, it is very important to have that number high enough to qualify for reasonably good credit options. It has been noticed that lenders will take advantage of your credit ratings to offer you with a high interest rate credit option if your credit ratings are not high enough.

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Credit Repair Specialist

We at Debt Negotiators specialises in credit repairing, we have come up with an exciting plan to help people get their financial health to an optimum state, we can help analyse your financial situation and get you a copy of your credit file at no cost. We will listen to your side of story and advice you on the action that needs to be taken. It is then up to you to engage Debt Negotiators to do the work for you which can involve repairing credit file by delisting defaults or enquiries or personal information that are questionable or entirely wrong.

Once done you will be provided with an updated credit file to visualise changes and which will help you to have a better life style and clean credit file like the one you had when you hit 18.

Speak to Debt Negotiators at 1300 351 008 and one of your friendly advisor will be there to help you go through the best financial options that are available to you. Deal with your financial health today as tomorrow might be too late.


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