Debt Solutions

Unmanageable debt dragging you down?

Do you need to find a solution to your debt situation? We understand that financial hardship can create financial and emotional stress and strain. Don’t lose hope, there are many alternative debt solutions available to help you get out of the red and back on your feet.

Debt Negotiators specialises in helping Australians who are struggling with debt. We’re committed to helping you get out the vicious cycle of debt by offering you a range of debt relief solutions that can help you get back on top of your finances.

Our Debt Solutions

We’re here to lend you a hand, whether it’s credit card debt that’s getting you down, or you need debt solutions as you’re unemployed, you have bad credit, or you simply cannot manage your repayments.

Debt Consolidation

Combining or consolidating your multiple debts into a single amount with affordable repayments and lower interest rates, making your finances more manageable.

Debt Agreements

A Debt Agreement is a formal agreement between you and your unsecured creditors. As an alternative to filing for bankruptcy, Debt Agreements may be able to help you avoid legal action.


Bankruptcy should only be considered as a last resort once all other options have been considered. Debt Negotiators will help you review all your options for debt relief before assisting you to file for bankruptcy.

Personal Insolvency

Ideal for people who don’t qualify for a Debt Agreement but don’t want to go bankrupt. A Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA), or Part 10, is a legal agreement between you and your creditors.

Informal Agreements

Debt Negotiators can help you develop informal agreements with your creditors to help you manage your debt repayments and get back on your feet financially.

Credit Card Debt Solutions

Credit cards are one of the main ways in which people in Australia find themselves in debt. We can help you to reduce your credit card debt with a tailored solution.

Personal loans

If you are in trouble for debt and would like to explore how to reduce multiple personal loans into one, a personal consolidation loan may be the solution.

Credit Repair

Bad credit can make it hard to apply for loans and increase the interest rate that lenders offer. We are able to help you review your credit rating and develop a plan to improve and restore it.

Debt Negotiators offers you

  • Independent professional consultation

  • Support throughout Australia

  • Individual solutions based on your financial situation.

Tailored Debt Solutions Based on Your Circumstances

We understand that all situations are different. That’s why we provide debt solutions that are tailored to your specific circumstances. We’re committed to providing affordable and realistic Debt Solutions by offering a judgement-free confidential consultation with one of our highly trained Debt Management Specialists. By taking into account the reasons for your financial stress, and creating a personal budget, we are able to formulate the most practical solution for your unique situation.

Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom Today

Start your journey to financial freedom today with a free and impartial consultation. Our consultants will complete a financial assessment to help you develop a budget and identify what practical and affordable debt relief solutions would be suited to your individual circumstances.

Debt Negotiators will equip you with the knowledge you need to fully understand your situation. For more information about any of services, including Debt Consolidation, Debt Management, Mortgage Refinancing, Debt Agreements, Credit Card debt, Credit Repair, and Bankruptcy options, call today or contact us online.

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Our team are available throughout the week, no matter where you live in Australia. We’re on hand to find the most appropriate solutions for your debt situation, help you avoid bankruptcy, and support you while you get back on your feet, even if your credit rating is bad.

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